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Matthew Clarke came to America at the age of 18 in search of an opportunity he was not able to receive in Ireland. While Matthew started working in construction, he happily received a job in Washington D.C. to work on an up and coming bakery and was able to meet a famous pastry chef by the name of Philippe Laurier. Matthew was able to train under Laurier for three years where he learned the essentials of being an astonishing baker. In 1981, Matthew moved to the Chicago area and began work as a pastry chef at a Marriot Hotel where he worked for seven years. He was able to top off his great baking skills with the knowledge of the importance of consistency in product and quality. In 1986, Matthew opened up a bakery in Barrington where there was no real bakery in sight. Matthew started making a multitude of his goods for customers and businesses. With his customer base building, Matthew shortly moved his bakery to a larger location in Barrington. While there, he opened up a deli portion in his bakery. Today, Matthew runs the bakery & deli with the help of his two daughters, Stacey and Kathrine, his baker Juan, and other various employees.


At Clarke’s Bakery & Deli, everything is made from scratch and made with the freshest of ingredients. As Matthew says, “People know our quality.” Every holiday, Matthew and his exuberant crew prepare the various holiday goodies for all the customer’s orders.


With a warm welcoming greet to every customer, Matthew takes the time to get to know his customers one by one to make sure everyone feels at home when they walk in. He reflects this “homey” feeling in his store with the warm and inviting atmosphere and exciting pictures that align all the walls. With every visit to Clarke’s Bakery & Deli, you will leave with a great story and a smile on your face.

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